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Got Nuts Poker

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The biggest challenges for new Texas Hold’em Poker players is figuring out what makes a hand, which hand beats what, and how the value of a hand changes once community cards are dealt. Even experienced players make mistakes with misreading their hand and the cards on the board. Your ability to quickly and accurately assess a situation directly impacts the quality of your decisions and ability to win.Whether you’re learning poker or just keeping your game sharp, Got Nuts Poker, helps you play with more confidence by turning practice into a fun interactive game. By choosing the best possible hand in various poker scenarios, you up your skills at evaluating the situation and making winning decisions. Play the timed version to improve your speed, score, and have more fun and success at the poker table.
Hand Ranking GameObjective: Choose the best ranking of hand using the starting hand and the community cards.Benefit: Will help you memorize and identify hand rankings more quickly.
Board Reading GameObjective: Choose the best starting hand based on the hand rankings on the flop, turn, and river.Benefit: Will help you learn the betting rounds and improve your accuracy reading the board.
Important note : This paid version has no ads.
*Patent Pending: 62/267,139 - POKER TRAINING SYSTEM AND METHOD